Episode 5 – Its All About The Sheep

We had such a busy week, so there was plenty to cover in this episode of Diamonds and Rust. And many, many pictures to go along with the show notes this time around.

The war between SL Under The Radar and Diamonds and Rust continues, but its unclear who has the upper hand.

Protect your land and terrorize your enemies with Guard Bot. Guard Bot can be set to patrol, fly, attack, and has customized friend and enemy lists. Its also copyable so you can make an army of Guard Bots. Find this on the Boardman sim at the Galactic Mall.


Brooklyn Is Watching

Welcome to Brooklyn is Watching. “Here” you will be able to be seen by visitors to Jack the Pelican Presents, an art gallery in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. Do something ‘here’ and ‘you’ will be watched, thought about and commented on.. whatever.. leave ‘something’ ‘here’ and it will be chronicaled on our blog (www.brooklyniswatching.com ) and talked about on the Brooklyn is Watching podcast or.. possibly.. ignored.. or possibly.. mocked. Visitors to the gallery might take snapshots or write about what you do, but to be sure its documented, document it yourself post it to the web and send links to posted videos or snapshots to watchable@brooklyniswatching.com


Black Swan- follow the path…


For more Second Life podcasts, visit the SL Podcast Network.


Arri Gaffer sent us some feedback and mentioned a Geocache he placed in real life. The link for that is:


And again, the website for the SL Geocaching group is http://www.slgeocaching.com/

We also got feedback from Will Ross, aka Traveling Avatar, Will Pitre in world. He has a podcast novel out called 118 Migration. http://oneeighteen.libsyn.com/

You can also still listen to his other podcast, Traveling Avatar. There is a lot of great tips, hints and other information for people who are new to Second Life. (And he’s funny! So listening for the entertainment value is worth it, even if you aren’t new to SL.)


And now, for some photos from the war… Battle Of The Sheep

Be sure to do a group search on Diamonds and Rust if you’d like to join our group. You can leave feedback for us here under comments, or email us at:  darpodcast@gmail.com

The direct link to the show for downloads is: http://diamondrust.mypodcast.com/index.html


3 Responses to “Episode 5 – Its All About The Sheep”

  1. April 5, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    DAR 4 is very entertaining- really enjoyed it- thanks for the mention of brooklyn is watching! and you were wondering about brooklyn is watching being mature or PG…..BIW is a fine place for anything — no need to worry about kids in the gallery- Jack the Pelican has a reputation for being a very risk-taking gallery that shows lots of controversial work so people who are easily offended just don’t go there- this doesn’t mean that we want to see gratuitous porn or anything, but you know… artists should feel free to do their thing and not worry too much… the worst that might happen is our panel of art “experts” might make fun of whatever it is…. I’d love to have one or both of you guys on as guest stars sometime if you’re interested– we just released our #4 which is much better than #3…

    in our next podcast i’ll be sure to give DAR a shout out… and look out for those sheep! dang- they are getting out of control!

  2. April 5, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    Oh… also — that “Prim-tionary” game sounds like fun and it’d be great to play it with some people in the gallery in brooklyn sometime- maybe we could arrange it for some night- and publicize it around the galleries ‘hood a little and get a little crowd together to guess what the people in SL were making…

  3. April 10, 2008 at 3:45 am

    You guys. (I sound like Frank Burns). You guys and your war. You started it. Just admit it. It’s a hype machine for the podcast. BTW, how was the roast lamb?

    Seriously, I’m really liking the podcast. You guys do good work. Congrats on the podcast and everything else… have you talked about that yet? I don’t think so. No secrets from your listeners, now. Thanks for the support you’ve given us in our podcast and please… when i win this war once and for all, please be honest with your listeners and let them know of your humiliaton and failure, won’t you?

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