Episode 7

Be sure to do a group search on Diamonds and Rust if you’d like to join our group. You can leave feedback for us here under comments, or email us at:  darpodcast@gmail.com

The direct link to the show for downloads is: http://diamondrust.mypodcast.com/

Itazura Radio addressed our question regarding avatar rendering costs on his podcast, Rezzed and Confused. http://rezzedandconfused.com/

Our big discovery for this week was the cruise ship, SS Galaxy. This fully functional cruise ship has all the amenities that you would find on a real life cruise, and then some. Each month this 3-sim long ship docks at a different sim. It has staterooms and suites available for rent, either long term or short term. For a full list of features, visit their website: http://ssgalaxy.com/

SS Galaxy

Keeme and Nika meet ship architect Bill Stirling, Director of Staffing Belle LaSalle, and Director of Security Arkady Yost.

Bill Stirling appeared on SLCN.tv Meta Makeover. You can see that episode here: http://slcn.tv/meta-makeover-bill-stirling

Keeme and his model ship

Exhibit A

Radar Love

Keeme’s helicopter machinima

Moment Captured – Taken on the October Country sim


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