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Episode 9

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May seems to be the month of Rez Days- most of the SL podcasters all came into SL within the same couple of weeks of one another, May 2006. We celebrated Chugabug Goodnight’s rez day, and Keeme had his as well. The usual banter and verbal sparring. Keeme may not be the best cook, but he gets an A for effort.

Wheelies Nightclub: The world’s first virtual disability nightclub in the  World. Sky home of Wheelies. Dance, socialize, and play in a safe setting. Dances are available for the able bodied, those with wheelchairs, and tinies. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Founded by Simon Stevens.

We visited the Wheelies nightclub and met a lot of cool people, including Aleja Asturias and DJ Namav.

New Location (Under Construction)

Nika stopped by the new location after the podcast was recorded to get the slurl, and met some members of the group who invited her to sit and chat for a bit. Polgara Paine, Atsuko Watanabe, Jenifer Mazi and Louise Later discussed some of the upcoming plans for the Wheelies group. The new build thats currently under construction will include a community development with accessible housing and shops for members of the group who would like a place to call home. Rent will be accepted, but not required to live there. Any rent that is paid will go towards paying the staff of Wheelies.

Search for Wheelies under groups if you are interested in joining, and visit the website at:


We got off on a bit of a tangent this week about various podcasts we listen to. (Check out some of these podcasts, they’re really good!)

Podcast Pickle Directory:

Barely Podcasting


Zee and Zed Show

The Big Show

Red Boy Radio

Shelly’s Podcast

Dawn and Drew

Geekbrief TV

Keith and the Girl


Stefanik Dagostino of the S&S Gallery of Fine Arts has started up a group that will serve as a workshop for artists to share ideas and school one another on programs such as Gimp and Photoshop. Search for The Artists Workshop in groups.

S&S Gallery of Fine Arts

Yxes Delacroy also has a gallery of art and photography she’s done, you can see by visiting her gallery in Blaksleeworld:

Soho has joined Podcast Island, since Podshow Island is no more. Ron Bloom of Mevio (Formerly Podshow) had some interesting comments about Mevio’s stance on independant podcasting:

“We have never believed in user-generated content as a business, or even as a sustainable entertainment offering,” said Ron Bloom, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, MEVIO.




Episode 8 – “Bullet for my valentine”

Be sure to do a group search on Diamonds and Rust if you’d like to join our group. You can leave feedback for us here under comments, or email us at:

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This week, Keeme and Nika visited Zoe Connolly of the SL Blogger community at her airfield in Caledon. She was very gracious and gave us a tour of the airfield, showed off some of her aircrafts, and even gave a few to Keeme.


Group: Royal Caledon Airforce (RCAF)

Zoe, thank you so much for showing us around, it was a lot of fun! (Even if it did result in a bit of a he said/she said skirmish.. or three.)

Apolon Island (For all your aircraft needs) Slurl:

Itazura Radio joined us for a little bit as his new avatar, the mailbox. Nika got a little bit of video of Keeme and Itazura chasing her around Caledon. (No, the video has no sound.)

Be sure to check out the Rezzed and Confused Podcast at

Speaking of Itazura Radio, he also has been hard at work with putting together the Destination Station on Podcast Island.

What is this place?


The one thing people ask us more than anything else when they first come into Second Life is, “Yeah, it’s kinda neat and all… but what is there to DO?!?!?” That is what this place is for… it’s a place to meet, talk, socialize… and even more importantly, a place to find cool and interesting places to visit all over Second Life!

Think of it like an Infohub… except with info to places you can actually ENJOY!

This place is for YOU! Feel free to join the group and set your home here. Use it as your base of operations in SL. Hang out and meet new people and maybe make new friends!

To join the group:

Go to Search and choose the Groups tab. Now type in “Destination Station” and Join!

Once you join, you can set the Station as your home by going to World > “Set Home to Here”.

It’s as easy as that.

About the Station:

Level 1 – Ground Level – This is the main meeting areas of the Station. There are areas in the center to sit and relax by the fire and socialize with friends.  Surrounding the inner walls of the lower level are the Destination Station Terminals.

Each terminal is activated by simply touching it. When you do, it will open a window from were you can teleport directly to that destination!

The terminal will also open a menu dialog (one of those blue popup thingies in the upper right of your screen). The menu will ask you if you want more information (in the form of a Notecard with a brief description of the destination and a landmark to keep). You can keep this card and even transfer this landmark to your inventory if you like. If you decline the information the menu will close. You can always touch the terminal again later if you change your mind and decide you want a copy.

Level 2 – Podcast Deck – The second floor of the destination station is dedicated to video podcasts about Second Life. To view a podcast, just grab a seat and click on one of the big screen monitors. It will open a dialog box where you can choose from different podcast offerings and watch at your leisure!

(To view video in SL you need to have the newest version of Quicktime installed on your computer. If it is not working and you have Quicktime installed, go into your preferences (Ctrl-P) and look under Audio & Video. Make sure you have Play Streaming Media When Available checked. If so, you should have the movie camera icon on your viewer available. Press the Play button to start your show if it doesn’t start automatically. )

-Itazura Radio


October Country

Ever want to wander around a haunted hotel, and have the feeling of Halloween, anytime? We did too, so we visted October Country, and we weren’t disappointed.

From the hotel to the town below, there’s a lot to see and become immersed in here.  Check out the various rooms and floors of the hotel, and the underground tunnels too.

(Movie coming soon!)