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Episode 11

After much resistance, Keeme and Nika both caved and joined Plurk, after abandoning Twitter. In fact, Keeme created a new group for the plurkers of SL. Search in groups for PLURKAZOIDS, or IM either Keeme or Nika for an invite. We will be moving the group to subscribe-o-matic very soon, so as not to take up people’s group spots. The idea of the group is to organize parties and meet-ups within SL, and to just have fun.

Keeme broke up with Twitter. It was very messy..

The grand opening of SL5B happened far sooner than Nika realized.. just hours after the posting of this podcast, rather than a week or two from now. Crap Mariner of 100 Word Stories was invited to have an exhibition at the event, and has been hard at work building a Podcast exhibit. He also has been putting out a series of interviews with other podcasters that is included with the exhibit. But its also the beginning of his newest podcast- I, Podjacker. Subscribe to this on iTunes, or visit the site at You can also find a direct slurl to his SL5B build in the header on that website.

We ran into Scottlo Scorbal last night, of Podcast Island has been having a lot of traffic lately of various podcasters coming through, such as Pizzababe* ( and Frank from The Overnightscape. ( *Warning, content not work safe. 😉

We are now homeowners! Even if we are not landowners.. Keeme calls it Crimehouse, and Nika calls it Mobile Mansion. Watch the brief house tour and Rezzhud demo, then judge for yourself.

Rezzhud was created by Itazura Radio, and can be found on



Nika will be filming a longer tutorial soon that will demonstrate how to add and save items to your build.

Thraxis Epsilon is working on a new Plurkhud. Right now its in beta testing, but when its finished you’ll be able to post your slurl location and some text from Second Life into plurk. Stay tuned for more information on that.

Arminasx Saiman and Radar Masukami will be filmed tonight on for the Second Question show. Check the website to see that episode, soon.

Nika has had a busy week, appearing on a handful of podcasts. Episode 30 Both Keeme and Nika were interviewed Episode 8

She was very flattered to be asked on as a guest, and it was a lot of fun.


Episode 10

Be sure to do a group search on Diamonds and Rust if you’d like to join our group. You can leave feedback for us here under comments, or email us at: 

The direct link to the show for downloads is:

This being our very first milestone podcast, we decided its time for a contest! The rules are short and sweet. Be the first person to email us with the answer to the following question:

What did Nika name the Pirahna that attacked Keeme in episode 9?

The first person to email the correct answer to will win a gift card to Blaze.

Keeme has two new avatars- a huge robot, and a huge TRex. Unfortunately there are no pictures or video of the robot as of yet, since Nika is usually too busy running away to get any snapshots.

Dinosaur Park slurl:


Don’t eat me..

At Relay For Life kissing booth. Photo by Arminasx Saiman of

Keeme invades the Clocktower of Edloe. Photo by Crap Mariner.

Raptor Avatars- Avatar and sim creators Nargus Asturias and Xacarith Zelmanov

Keeme has got us both addicted to Twitter! If it ever stays up long enough, you can add us: and

We are not completely sold on Plurk, yet.

After the great tv debate, we steered the conversation in a more serious direction and discussed the rising gas prices, and how we feel that telecommuting should become the way of the future.

We were a bit behind everyone else, but we finally visited the Greenies sim. Does Vint Falken have something to do with this?


Congratulations to Crap Mariner for celebrating 3 years of 100 Word Stories. He hosted a reading at the Lonely Yak Club recently, which we attended.

You can find his podcast at

We had lots of feedback this week! We heard from Crap Mariner, Arminasx Saiman, Jezabell Barbosa, Radar Masukami,  and Douglas Rishmal.

Strongbad email reference, cause its funny-

Keeme is soon becoming an internet radio DJ- Watch out for Keemecast Radio to go live very soon.