Episode 13 – Part 2

We return you to this episode of Diamonds and Rust, already in progress.

In episode 58 of Podmafia, they were discussing the ‘grid ghosts’, that Yxes had been seeing. She first spotted Sougent Harrop walking in place as a ghost, when he was offline. Later, there was another spotting of an avatar ‘ghost’ on the sidewings of the stage during a taping of SLCN’s, Tonight Live. Nika was in the audience that night, and witnessed the ‘ghost’, as well as half of the audience and SLCN staff. A few nights later, Keeme and Nika experienced this phenomena firsthand when it happened to Keeme.

The donut contest is over- and the winner is Crap Mariner! Keeme promises (threatens?) to mail donuts to him.. whether he’ll actually want them or not is another story. It could be worse.. at least its not olive loaf.

A sixth island has recently joined Edloe. Harbour is run by Feline Slade and Chris Norse. Its absolutely breathtaking! They have done a fabulous job with it. But, see for yourselves.

Harbour: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Harbour/111/121/558

JC Hutchins came to visit Podcast Island, and talk about his latest work, Obsidian. It was one of the most chaotic but fun meetups in a long time.

The episode has not been released yet, but search for Podcast Island Podcast on iTunes.

Podcast Expo is this week, and Nika will be meeting several people from Second Life. This will be her very first time attending. Keeme hasn’t gotten to go yet either, but they are both hoping to attend SLCC 2009. Fingers crossed!

A couple of years ago, Keeme had a lot of friends that were going to PME who really wanted him to be there. Since he wasn’t able to, the folks over at Borderline made up some Keeme buttons that circulated the podcast expo that year.

During feedback, we get into a couple of interesting conversations about tipping etiquette.. and also, the impact of how attached people can get to even the image or idea of certain avatars and SL pets. We would love to hear people’s thoughts on this, so send your feedback to darpodcast@gmail.com

Keeme has a very good tip for playing Craps, that involves placing your bet on the do not pass line to bet with the house.


2 Responses to “Episode 13 – Part 2”

  1. August 16, 2008 at 5:20 am

    Listened to Part 2 of the podcast (didn’t have Part 1 downloaded). First time I’ve listened to the show, liked it so I guess I’ll have to find time to listen to yet another podcast.

    The ghost thing was interesting, as I recall I had logged out of SL about 1/2 hour before Yxes sent her IM about seeing me. I had been walking around the build one last time before it went away, I had helped out a little on the Fairy Tale build that Drama Libre did. I think I might have crashed a time or two earlier, so it’s possible that my “ghost” had been around while I was elsewhere on the sim before logging out. I had seen Torley mention it previously, but this is the first time I’ve had first hand experience.

    In regards to the discussion about people being attached to their SL pets, I have a friend who had a dog that was lost due to a sim crash/asset server glitch. She was very upset and even though could have gotten another exactly like it, didn’t want another one because it wouldn’t be the same. I believe she ultimately was convinced to get another one, but at the time she was genuinely upset about the loss so people do indeed become attached to things like that in SL.

    Being attached to avatars with people behind them, I think is natural. For example, the skin I wear is a freebie, from what research I’ve done, it was a Nora skin done by Sezmra Svarog and I’m not sure if she put it out as a freebie or what, but though I’ve tried other skins in a search for something fancier, I’ve pretty well become stuck with this one because it’s become “me” and I look odd to myself and to others who’ve known me for a while if I try to change it (and yes, I’ve gotten objections from others when I’ve tried changing). Oh, I’ll put on different stuff temporarily for fun, as part of a costume or whatever, but that skin has become my skin for better or worse.

    The idea on the voting and a tier refund based that voting is intriguing, but I don’t think the notecard thought would work, not many would bother to take the time to fill them out. Maybe leveraging the voting boxes might work, but there’d have to be some assurances that cheating couldn’t happen or it would be a nightmare of accusations.

    Tipping, I do as long as I have the lindens to do so. I try to tip at least 100l, probably wouldn’t tip any less than 50l as that would seem pointless to me. Though, I see nothing wrong with someone who’s new and has only a few lindens tipping only 1 or 2l. In fact, that’s a “bigger” tip than 1000l from someone who’s rolling in lindens, cause it is all they have.

    Love the tip on playing Craps….hope to give it a try some day.

  2. August 18, 2008 at 10:27 am

    Thank you for the feedback… We love getting fed!

    This is why we do it (#1 we just love it, #2 knowing someone out there may enjoy listening).



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