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Episode 17

Be sure to do a group search on Diamonds and Rust if you’d like to join our group. You can leave feedback for us here under comments, or email us at: 

The direct link to the show for downloads is:

Special note: We are having trouble with our hosting site. It may be difficult to download or play the file right now, but if you keep trying, it WILL work. We have plans to move to libsyn or another hosting site very soon. In the meantime, be patient and keep trying to download the file and it will work at some point. 🙂

This episode was the most fun to record of all, because we were using webcams for this episode.. Hopefully, we will be doing that for all future recordings.

Keeme threw a great rezday party for Nika, and made this video for the event.

Keeme’s Conscience video- made by Itazura Radio (NOT Nika!)

Our land on Podcast Island.

Prefab house by Nicky Patterson

Prefab house by Nicky Patterson


Podcast Island 2009